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Welcome to The i.o agency's exclusive development slot booking page, accessible only to our esteemed clients who have received an official invitation. This unique opportunity invites you to secure a slot for our premier e-commerce website development services with a 2,000 AED reservation fee, which will be deducted from your total project cost. Upon selecting from our limited available slots, you're embarking on a journey towards digital excellence, crafted by our team's expertise. To maintain your slot, a 50% down payment of the total service cost is required 7 days prior to your scheduled date, ensuring a committed partnership in transforming your online business. The i.o agency is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, tailored exclusively for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How customizable is this template after purchase?

During this pre-order phase, you can provide your logo, brand colors, and other business details. Full customization will commence closer to the launch date. We also offer tutorials for you to make future adjustments or additions to your website, such as changing text, updating projects, or adjusting your service offerings.

What do I need to provide for my website customization during pre-order?

For pre-order, simply purchase the template at the discounted rate. As we approach the launch date, you’ll fill out a form providing your business name, description, logo, brand color scheme, specific content for pages, and details of services and portfolio projects you want featured. This will prepare us to customize your template quickly once we begin the official launch.

How quickly will my website be ready after official launch?

From the receipt of all required information at the start of the launch period, your website will be customized and ready within 2 working days. The launch period begins on June 25th and runs through July 15th.

Can I add or change content on my website myself later on?

Yes, after your website is delivered, you will receive PDF tutorials that guide you through making various changes on your website. This ensures you can update and manage your site independently.

Is website hosting included in your service?

Hosting is not included in the pre-order price. You will be responsible for securing your website’s hosting. We offer hosting plans that ensure your site is accessible, fast, and secure.

How much is the hosting fee?

Hosting fees are $32 per month if paid monthly. Alternatively, you can opt for the yearly plan at $288, which saves you 25% compared to the monthly rate.

What if I have a domain and I want to use it?

If you already own a domain and wish to use it for your new website, please select the ‘I already have a domain’ option when filling out the form after your purchase. We will then contact you to integrate it seamlessly with your new site.

What is the domain charge?

Domain charges vary, but on average, you can expect to pay around $15 per year. This fee is separate from the pre-order and hosting costs.

How do I choose my domain during pre-order?

During the pre-order phase, you can check the availability of your desired domain name using the link provided in the form. Once available, you can reserve it to be purchased and set up during the launch period.

What is the process during pre-order?

After you place a pre-order, we will contact you as we approach the launch date to gather all necessary information via a detailed form. Once we begin the customization phase during the launch period, your website will be developed within the next 2 working days from when we receive your complete information.

What if I want to make some adjustments to my website, like customization?

Due to the pre-order nature and to maintain a quick delivery time once we begin, initial customization is limited. However, post-delivery, you can request further customizations by emailing us your requirements, and we will provide a quote based on our hourly rate.