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  • 1 slot available 27/05/2024
  • 2 slots available 03/06/2024
  • 2 slots available 10/06/2024

Welcome to The i.o agency's exclusive development slot booking page, accessible only to our esteemed clients who have received an official invitation. This unique opportunity invites you to secure a slot for our premier e-commerce website development services with a 2,000 AED reservation fee, which will be deducted from your total project cost. Upon selecting from our limited available slots, you're embarking on a journey towards digital excellence, crafted by our team's expertise. To maintain your slot, a 50% down payment of the total service cost is required 7 days prior to your scheduled date, ensuring a committed partnership in transforming your online business. The i.o agency is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, tailored exclusively for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen after I pay?

Once you complete the 2,000 AED payment to book your slot, you'll receive an invoice confirming the balance paid, which will be deducted from your full service price. Approximately 10 days before your scheduled slot, we will reach out to you to complete the payment of 50% of the total offer amount. As your chosen slot approaches, we'll schedule a kickoff call to initiate the process of your website development, ensuring everything is set for a successful start.

What happens if we did not pay within 7 days from the approached date?

If the 50% down payment is not completed within 7 days of your scheduled slot date, we will need to relocate your booking to the next available slot. This policy ensures that we can efficiently manage our schedule and resources to provide the best service to all our clients. It's important to adhere to this payment timeline to secure your desired slot and keep your project on track.

After I pay, can I refund the amount?

 Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for the booking fee. However, we provide the flexibility to keep the amount as a credit for 6 months. You can utilize this credit for any of our services within this timeframe, allowing you to make the most of your investment with us.

How do I pay the remaining balance?

The initial payment of 2,000 AED for booking your slot can be conveniently made online. For future payments, including the 50% down payment, we require them to be completed via a wire transfer. We will provide you with all the necessary details and instructions for the wire transfer as we approach the second payment due date. This ensures a smooth and secure transaction process for the completion of your payment.

Can I book a slot without paying the 2,000 AED?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any slots without the $2,000 AED down payment. This payment is essential to secure your booking and allocate the necessary resources for your project. It ensures that both parties are committed to the scheduled development work, helping us maintain a high level of service and efficiency.

Will I always have access to this reservation page?

Access to the reservation page is updated periodically, with passwords changing every 10-15 days to align with the expiration of our offers. This ensures our services remain exclusive and up-to-date for all clients.